Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text


Pirate Ship Higemaru

no notes.

Fine game in Pengo genre.


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

1943 (pcb 1)

1943 (pcb 2)


One of the program roms has been modified by the operator to show their name, address and phonenumber at the titelscreen :-/

Classic shoot'em up

Bionic Commando (rom-board)

Bionic Commando (pcb 1)

Bionic Commando (pcb 2)

Bionic Commando

no notes.

Difficult platform game :-/


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Daimakaimura (C-board)

Daimakaimura (B-board)

Daimakaimura (mobo)


no notes.

Awesome and very difficult platformgame.

Also known as "Ghouls'n Ghosts"


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Carrier Air Wing (C-board)

Carrier Air Wing (B-board)

Carrier Air Wing (mobo)

Carrier Air Wing

no notes.

Great shoot'em up, sequel to U.N. Squadron

Magic Sword (C-board)

Magic Sword (B-board)

Magic Sword (mobo)

Magic Sword

no notes.

Excellent hack'n slash game or what to call this genre?

Mega Twins (C-board)

Mega Twins (B-board)

Mega Twins (mobo)

Mega Twins

The CPS mobo is not working correctly, all graphic layers are missing except for sprites.
I have to use another mobo when i play it, i have not noticed any compatibility problems with this game.

A cute platform game :-)