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WW3 (M-37B)

WW3 (M-27SE)

WW3 (M-27MB)

WW3 (M-33 SUB-1)


Not working.



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Tropical Angel (M52-sound-e)

Tropical Angel (M57-A-A)

Tropical Angel (M57-B-A)

New Tropical Angel

Graphical error on the sprites.
Also "C24" shortened(now fixed) on the soundboard.

One of the few arcadegames in the water skiing genre.


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Lode Runner 2 (M62-E-SUB)

Lode Runner 2 (M62-E-A)

Lode Runner 2 (M62-A-B)

Lode Runner 2 (M62-B-C)

Lode Runner: The Bungelin Strikes Back

None of the eproms have original LR2 labels, the bproms have originals though.

It's a converted Lode Runner 1 PCB thats why it still has the license seal for Lode Runner 1. It's the "SUB" PCB thats unique for LR2.

This is the best of the IREM Lode Runner games.

Most of the time it goes by the name "Lode Runner 2" as it's IREM's second LR game but is really called "Lode Runner: The Bungelin Strikes Back".

Lode Runner 2 (M62-E-SUB)

Lode Runner: The Bungelin Strikes Back

It's just an extra "SUB" PCB for my LR2... this one has original rom labels though.



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Atomic Boy (M63-A-A)

Atomic boy (M63-B-A)

Atomic Boy

No notes.

Originally called "Wily Tower" and released 1984, it was renamed 1985 by Memetron for US distribution.


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text
Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (M62-T-B)

Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (Kid-Niki)

Only the T-board and roms to make any other M62 game to "Kaiketsu Yanchamaru".

Here is an conversion guide (in Japanese) on how to do it: M62 conversion guide PDF

(Thanks to Tormod Tjaberg for making an PDF of my scans)

A great and underrated platformgame

Known as "Kid-Niki - Radical Ninja" outside Japan.

Kid-Niki (M62-A-E)

Kid-Niki (M62-B-C)

Kid-Niki (M62-T-A)

Kid-Niki - Radical Ninja

No notes.


Spelunker 2 (M62-A-C)

Spelunker 2 (M62-B-C)

Spelunker 2 (M62-R-A)

Spelunker 2

No notes.



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R-Type (M72-ROM-C)

R-Type (M72-A-C)

R-Type (M72-B-D)


The blue colour is a bit weak on this PCB.

Amazing game.


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Meikyu Jima (M77)

Meikyu Jima (M77)




Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text
Major Title (M82-A-A)

Major Title (M82-B-A)

Major Title




Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Blade Master (M92-A-B)

Blade Master (M92-B-B)

Blade Master

No notes.

A decent fantasy beat'em up, nice detailed graphics but still it becomes a bit repetitive... as do the actual gameplay, great music though :-)

Known as "Cross Blades!" in Japan.

Cross blades! (M92-A-B)

Cross Blades! (M92-D-A)

Cross blades!

No notes.

Known as "Blade Master" outside Japan.


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

R-Type Leo (M92-A-B)

R-Type Leo (M92-C-N)

R-Type Leo

no notes.

The last R-Type for arcades.

Hook (M92-A-B)

Hook (M92-D-A)


A previous owner has replaced IC4 for fixing the controls of player 1.

I have not played this game much, but i like the genre (beat'em up).

Based on the movie.

Gun Hohki (M92-A-B)

Gun Hohki (M92-B-B)

Gun Hohki (Mystic Riders)

No notes.

You could call it IREM's answer to "Cotton".

Know as "Mystic Riders" outside Japan.

New Dyna Blaster (M99)

New Dyna Blaster: Global Quest (M99)


Also known as "Bomberman World".


Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Fire Barrel (M107-A-A)

Fire Barrel (M107-B-A)

Fire Barrel

No notes.

A good shoot'em up that feels very "old school" even for a 1993 game :-)

Supposedly it's a sequel to "Air Duel".