Partside/Solderside Misc Notes Text

Arbalester (P0-045A)


A TTL and RAM chip has been put in sockets by a previous owner (or factory fix?)
But there still is some minor graphic glitch on the background graphics like the water on level one.... sometimes it flicker a little, maybe the socketed RAM chip is not 100% compatible.

Arbalester might not be the best shoot'em up ever made but i think it has some relaxing and fairly easy gameplay wich suits me :-).

Downtown (P0-045A)


This PCB is not workin anymore, i will probably use it for parts, for example i will use one of it's RAM chips on the Arbalester PCB. They both use the "P0-045A" PCB

This game needs rotary controller like "Ikari Warriors", I don't like Downtown so much the gamestyle just dont do well "overhead beat'em up", Capcom once did the same mistake with the game Avengers.

But one thing that Downtown did right was the amazing music, it sounds very good and interesting... the musican(s) is called "Goblin Sound".